Thursday, 16 May 2013

Innovative Ways to Advertise Your Brand

A strategy that created uproar three months ago in the marketing landscape may seem to be futile, today.

According to a research conducted to comprehend the evolution of digital marketing, using one advertising spot on three TV networks would enable the company to cater to 80% of the US population, twenty years ago. However, the present scenario necessitates more than 20 messages and media platforms to attain the same reach, owing to the growing power and influence of the consumers. This is a consumer – driven market, undoubtedly. Following the footsteps of the frontrunners is a thing of the past. Learning to hold the reigns and chalking out innovative strategies, is the need of the hour.

Based on its finding and insights, SCRIBBL, an Interactive Branding Agency based in Mumbai, puts forward a few innovative techniques that could give your brand a competitive edge.
      Do not Advocate. Communicate

Participation is the key.  With the proliferation of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter on the web, there has been a paradigm shift in this process of communication. Get personal. Strike a chord with your consumers. Make them feel comfortable. Win their trust. Give ears to their opinions and woes. There are higher chances of consumers confiding in you when they are assured that there is a real live person behind the machine.

     Strengthen your network

Your network is your asset considering the consumer driven market that we are witnessing.  Every testimonial and referral you receive may boost your business, in the long run. Conduct forums and invite suggestions to create brand awareness. There is a need to go the extra mile to win the confidence of your consumers. Besides, this will also give you a better insight on consumer behavior than splurging colossal amount of money infused for researching and conducting pilot tests.
      Induce interactions

Keep Posting. Happy Tweeting. Lure Google with Google Plus and Google Maps. Apart from getting you close to your consumers and upgrading your ranking on Google, this will underpin the search engine with respect to the legitimacy of your existence and the authenticity of your business. Penning down interesting and informative blogs, articles and offering suggestions to your clients and the prospective ones will entice increasing number of footprints to your site.

      Clicks click

Right from Pinterest to Facebook, images rule. Every moment is captured in order to be shared. People prefer to speak and communicate via images over long dreary stories and articles. For businesses that cater to fashion, designing, food & restaurant; the ‘Picture-Pro’ scenario definitely proves to be a boon.

      Measure sentiments

Trends change with the blink of an eye. This makes it increasingly necessary for online branding services to measure sentiments and results. Comparing them and analyzing them alongside the competitors and the past results, is equally essential to know your stance.
Taking into consideration the present needs and requisites of the consumers, these easy branding tips may enable you to get it down to a fine art.

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